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About JuridiQC

JuridiQC simplifies the legal process for you

JuridiQC helps you understand your rights with reliable information tailored to your situation, quickly find resources from professionals and organizations, and take legal steps.

JuridiQC keeps you up to date

Benefit from reliable and easy-to-understand legal and psychosocial information, as well as carefully selected articles for more about various topics.

JuridiQC is your guide

Answer just a few questions to get information tailored to your situation.

JuridiQC also provides directories of organizations, associations and professionals that can help.

JuridiQC walks you through the process

Ready to begin? Let JuridiQC help you fill out documents step by step and prepare your application to file in court.

This feature is coming soon.

JuridiQC is an online service created by the Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ) and financed by Quebec’s Ministère de la Justice. This new tool is one of the initiatives outlined in A Plan to Modernize the Justice System, which seeks to make justice more accessible and efficient.

An online service in constant evolution

The current version of JuridiQC will evolve as topics and features are added regularly. The service will be rolled out in phases until 2023.

In its first phase, JuridiQC will provide information about divorce and separation, a topic at the heart of citizens’ concerns.

The next phase will address other topics related to family law, the elderly, and consumer protection. We’ll select the specific topics based on your needs.

Addressing your everyday concerns

Being in a relationship, buying a house, having children, or taking care of elderly parents are all situations that can raise a lot of questions and require you to take legal steps. JuridiQC focuses on everyday situations.

To decide which topics to address, we’ll ask for input from members of the legal community (professional orders, Community Justice Centres, legal clinics, legal professionals, community organizations, etc.).

We’ll also regularly consult ordinary citizens – you, JuridiQC’s target audience – to understand your concerns, confirm future topics, and make sure that the information we’ve provided is clear and relevant. We’ll also make sure to provide you with the most intuitive browsing experience possible.

Carefully selected articles

In addition to the information on our webpages, we’ll suggest a selection of related articles from reliable sources such as government departments and other resources, Éducaloi, Quebec professional orders, etc.

Please note, however, that each of these sources is responsible for ensuring that the information it publishes is valid and up to date.

Need help?

If you have trouble browsing the online service, viewing a document, or understanding the information, go to the Contact Us page.

Help us improve JuridiQC

From the start of this project and throughout its development, we’ve asked citizens for their input through questionnaires, interviews, and user tests.

Your regular feedback is still needed. If you’d like to participate in the various activities, subscribe to JuridiQC’s Facebook page. We invite people to contribute on a regular basis.

Tell us what you think

You can leave us a comment at any time. Feel free to use our dialogue box at the bottom of the information page.

Your feedback will help us improve our service.

The information and solutions available on JuridiQC might not fully meet your needs. Information could be missing, incomplete, or even inaccurate. You might have trouble completing a document. Feel free to let us know.

More about SOQUIJ

JuridiQC is created by Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ).

For over 40 years, SOQUIJ has been helping professionals find solutions and the general public understand the law.

SOQUIJ combines its expertise in technological tools, law and content editing to create a unique, simple and personalized digital solution to help all citizens.

We’re using technology to facilitate access to justice.


For interview requests:



514 842-8741 ext.243

Our partners

This project is financed by Quebec’s Ministère de la Justice as part of A Plan to Modernize the Justice System.

Ministère de la Justice du Québec

JuridiQC is the collaborative effort of many partners: