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Terms you must accept to use JuridiQC

Do you want to access the tools and information available on JuridiQC? By browsing our website, you agree to the following rules and terms. We recommend that you take the time to read them.

Who are we? We are the Société québécoise d’information juridique (SOQUIJ), an organization in partnership with the Ministère de la Justice du Québec.


1. The information and tools available on JuridiQC may not be appropriate for your personal situation

Only a legal professional can advise you on your personal situation

At SOQUIJ, we work hard to provide you with accurate information covering a wide variety of situations. The information on JuridiQC is not a legal opinion or legal advice, however. Rather, it is a general description of what the law in Quebec says.

Only a lawyer or notary can analyze your situation and give you a legal opinion or legal advice.

We are not responsible for negative consequences resulting from your use of JuridiQC

Therefore, you cannot take legal action against SOQUIJ, its partners, its officers, its directors, or its personnel. For example, if you use JuridiQC to prepare documents that do not correspond to your situation, you cannot hold us liable.


2. We work hard to keep our website up to date, error-free, and secure, but we can’t guarantee it

We make every effort to develop this site, keep the content up to date, and ensure safe browsing. However, despite all our efforts, we cannot guarantee:

  • that the content on the site will always be complete, current, or error-free, or
  • that the site will always be accessible, secure, and free of viruses or malware.

JuridiQC also contains links to other sites. If you click on one of these links, you will leave JuridiQC. We are not responsible for the security or content of these other sites, nor are we responsible for your use of them. These other sites have their own terms of use and their own privacy policies. We recommend that you read them as well.


3. We collect some personal information

By using JuridiQC, you accept our Protection of Personal Information Policy. This policy explains what personal information we collect and why we collect it. In the interest of transparency, the policy has been drafted using simple and concise language. We recommend that you take the time to read it.

If you do not agree with our practices, you can refuse. If you refuse, you will not be able to access some of the site’s information pages or the tools to prepare for a legal step.


4. You must respect the integrity of the site and its content

You must not undermine the integrity or security of the site

When you use JuridiQC, you must not:

  • attempt to modify the site,
  • bypass the security measures or the protections that we have put in place,
  • decompile, disassemble, reconstruct or reverse engineer the site, or attempt to obtain information about the structure or components of the site.

You may not reproduce the content of the site without our authorization

All of the site’s content (including logos, graphic elements, and trade-marks) are protected by intellectual property laws. We have made them available solely for personal use (to inform and help you prepare to take your own legal steps).

You must obtain our written authorization if you wish to use, reproduce, communicate, modify, or publish this content for other purposes.

For authorization, email us at:

Or send a letter to:


Direction des affaires juridiques
1010, De La Gauchetière Street West, suite 1000
Montreal, Quebec H3B 2N2


5. You need to create an account to prepare a joint application for divorce or any other application

Your account allows you to prepare documents for your legal proceedings and save your information so you can access it whenever you’d like.

When you create an account, please remember the following guidelines:

  • You must provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date personal information.
  • You may not create an account for someone else. In an application for divorce, for example, the account holder must be one of the spouses.
  • If you share your username or password with anyone, you’ll be responsible for any damages that might be incurred (for example, in the event of fraud or identify theft).


6. The rules and terms apply at all times while you are browsing on JuridiQC

These terms apply as soon as you arrive on JuridiQC and for as long as you browse the site. We will ask you to explicitly accept the terms to access some of the site’s information pages or the tools to prepare for your legal steps because it is important that all of our users understand the limitations of the services offered.

If we modify the terms, you will be prompted to accept them again.

If you refuse these terms or the modifications, you must stop browsing on JuridiQC.


7. The laws in force in Quebec apply in the event of a dispute

In the event of a dispute related to your use of the site, you agree that:

  • the laws in force in Quebec apply, and
  • only the courts of the district of Montreal may adjudicate a dispute in connection with your use of the site.


Thank you for having read our rules and terms.