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JuridiQC and web accessibility


JuridiQC provides all citizens with clear information in a simple and easy-to-use browsing environment.

Respecting accessibility standards

To provide an online service that meets the needs of as many citizens as possible, we have put in place the necessary tools to satisfy the Web accessibility standards of the Gouvernement du Québec (website in French only). These tools alleviate certain technical constraints, for example by making it possible to browse without a mouse.

Here is a list of the elements put in place to make the service more accessible.

General browsing

  • A permanent hyperlink to the Accessibility page appears in the footer of JuridiQC.
  • Hyperlinks to another website’s content generally open in a new window. An icon and alternative text appear to clearly indicate hyperlinks opening a new window.
  • Content is clearly and hierarchically ordered using heading and sub-heading tags.
  • A main title in the header of the browser on each page clearly identifies the content discussed on the page.
  • Multimedia documents and visual animations are free of blinking or sudden movements.
  • Videos are hosted on YouTube and are embedded in JuridiQC using the iframe code provided by YouTube with additional explanations.

Graphic contrast and font size

  • Contents are presented in a uniform and consistent graphic grid from one section to the next.
  • The font size of the content of the web pages can be increased or decreased, except for page headers and footers.
  • The visual presentation of JuridiQC is entirely managed by cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • When the style sheet is deactivated, text appears in black on a white background.
  • The contrast between text and background respects the minimum ratio of 4.5 to 1.

Browsing without a mouse or a screen reader

  • Every page features a permanent hyperlink giving access to the core content of the page without using the navigation menus. It is accessible using the tab key or a screen reader. The link is accessible even when the style sheet is deactivated.
  • On almost all pages, web page content is presented logically from top to bottom for tab key navigation. This display is there even when the style sheet is deactivated.
  • All significant visual elements (photographs, images, graphics, and symbols) have a text equivalent that can be read with a screen reader and that is displayed by mouseover is provided for all significant visual elements (photographs, images, graphics, and symbols).