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Separation and divorce

What to do with your summary of mediated agreements

You’ve gone through family mediation to settle various issues related to your separation, and the mediator has drawn up a summary of your points of agreement. What happens next? This article explains how this summary may be used and the next steps in the legal process.

The summary itself does not have legal effect

The “summary of mediated agreements” is a confidential document in which the mediator briefly lists the points on which you and your ex agreed during the family mediation sessions.

This summary doesn’t have any legal effect on its own. Therefore, you and your ex are not legally obliged to respect the agreements it contains. The summary is essentially a working tool to help guide you in your further discussions and possible future legal proceedings to have your agreement approved by a judge.

However, if you and your ex have signed the document or voluntarily decide to put into place some of the agreements it contains, a judge could order you to respect all the points mentioned in the document.


The information presented on this page is not a legal opinion or legal advice. This page explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. To obtain a legal opinion or legal advice on your personal situation, consult a legal professional.

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