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Separation and divorce

Retrieving household items and personal belongings left in the home

Do you want to retrieve the personal belongings and household effects you left behind when you moved out after a breakup? Several options are possible depending on you situation.

Reach an agreement with your ex

Generally speaking, the simplest and quickest way to retrieve the household effects and personal belongings you left in the home when you separated is to reach an agreement with your ex, if you can.

There are several possibilities to make sure you avoid conflict when retrieving your items. For example, you can:

  • Agree in advance on the terms (e.g., date, time, length of time you will be in the home, list of items you will retrieve),
  • Ask a neutral party to be there when you go to pick up your things,
  • Suggest that another person retrieve your things in your place.

If it’s difficult to have a dialogue with your ex, you can send a written request to propose one or more of these solutions.


It might be risky to go to your ex’s home alone to retrieve your items and personal belongings without his or her consent.

If your relationship is strained, it could lead to a direct confrontation with your ex and complicate the separation process. In very rare cases, you could even be criminally charged.


The information presented on this page is not a legal opinion or legal advice. This page explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. To obtain a legal opinion or legal advice on your personal situation, consult a legal professional.

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