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Separation and divorce

Suggesting family mediation to your ex: 5 tips on how to approach the topic

Are you convinced that family mediation can help you settle the consequences of your divorce or separation but you’re wondering how to persuade your ex to participate? Here are some tips to help you prepare a respectful and persuasive invitation.

1) Opt for a written invitation

If you know that your ex has some concerns or reservations about family mediation, it may be better to send a written invitation. A written invitation will give your ex time to think.

Your ex can then learn more about it and discuss it with friends and family. A written invitation will show that you’re serious about it and give you the opportunity to clearly explain to your ex why you think family mediation is the right solution for you both.

You can send your written invitation by any means of communication you prefer (e.g., email, regular mail, text message, private message on a social media account, etc.). Use communication channels you normally use with each other and that can ensure your message remains confidential.


Template of an invitation to family mediation (Centre de justice de proximité du Grand Montréal)


Template of an invitation to family mediation - couple without children (Centre de justice de proximité du Grand Montréal)


The information presented on this page is not a legal opinion or legal advice. This page explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. To obtain a legal opinion or legal advice on your personal situation, consult a legal professional.

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